WMO Program Advisor, Professor emeritus William Zartman:

World Mediation Organization Program Advisor - Zartman i william"I am quite impressed with the ambition and organization of the WMO as it seeks to bring together the diverse experiences of mediators - often grassroots mediators - throughout the world and to learn from them. We all need to expand and improve our awareness and practice of mediation."

The World Mediation Organization is the premium network of global mediation centres based in Berlin, Germany. It is an international network of scholars and professionals dedicated to global mediation and conflict resolution. Institutionally it is linked to the Peace Operations Training Institute, American Military University, EUCLID (Pole Universitaire Euclid).

The World Mediation Organization provides a global recognized service in conflict management and education. By promoting a culture of peace, it is intended to create enduring solutions to conflicts and tensions created by human interactions, states and organizations.

In accordance with the highest standards of quality, the consultancies are realized by academic experts in the field. In order to ensure the highest level of transparency, the WMO is listed in the European Transparency Register. All WMO services are realized in face-to-face sessions as well as online by video conference and / or email. Currently, the World Mediation Organization is represented by 60 local branches in 42 countries.

The WMO-Training considers the guidelines of the German Mediation Act, the European Code of Conduct for Mediators, the UN Guidance for Effective Mediation, as well as international research results regarding the sustainable benefits of teaching Comprehensive Mediation. Graduates may achieve additional access to the Course Curriculum of the Peace Operations Training Institute, American Military University, and EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide).

On the following pages you may learn more about our global representatives, our training philosophy, our partner institutes, options of affiliation, and our latest activities, such as book releases of graduates, live streams, and academic paper contests.

We promote an interdisciplinary culture of peace by spreading social competence such as dealing with conflicts and strategic communication for the prevention of violence. We do our upmost to create an environment in which people, states and organizations may find enduring solutions to conflicts. 

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The transparency register has been set up to answer core questions such as what interests are being pursued, by whom and with what budgets. The system is operated jointly by the European Parliament and the European Commission.

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