EUCLID Degree Programs in Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Academic and International Accreditation: The World Mediation Organization offers a newly developed distance, and resident course in the interdisciplinary topic of Mediation & Conflict Management. The training provides students with the flexibility and accessibility  to study in groups guided by a local lecturer or to study online and therefore at their own place by the supervision of an online tutor who provides personal online coaching, video conferences and networking with other students. Due to the educational concept, our lessons include lectures, presentations, practical exercises and personal feedback in form of video conferences by our instructors. In this way our distance learning program is converted into a presential course and vice versa.

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The WMO Online Program was evaluated by EUCLID University and validated with an equivalency of 20 ECTS. while the Resident Learning Program received recognition by the Peace Operations Training Institute and forms part of the COTIPSO Program. The WMO training program is focused on understanding conflicts, the various dispute resolution options and the attitude of the human individual.  Note that our online training is available in english and spanish language, while face-to-face trainings are executed in the local language regarding the area of action of the corresponding lecturer. Please find corresponding information on our Distance Program as well as on the Resident Program, on the Certification Procedure for External Graduates, the Scholarship Program, the Course Syllabus, the Application Form, and Feedback on our course by using the dropdown menu. Please review: Post-Graduate, Bachelor, Master, Ph.D in
Mediation and Conflict Resolution as indicated.

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