Certified Mediator & Conflict Manager (Resident Studies)

The World Mediation Organization offers a resident course on the interdisciplinary topic of Mediation & Conflict Management in English and Spanish language, while face-to-face trainings are executed in the local language regarding the area of action of the corresponding lecturer. Our resident training provides students with comprehensive knowledge in an attractive time frame of 48 hours of classes. 

It considers the guidelines of the Peace Operations Training Institute, namely the COTIPSO Program (see below), and the UN Guidance for Effective Mediation, as well as international research results regarding the sustainable benefits of teaching Comprehensive Mediation. Due to the educational resident concept, the lessons include lectures, presentations, practical exercises and personal feedback by our instructors. The training program is focused on understanding conflicts, the various dispute resolution options and the attitude of the human individual. Enrolment, right here

1. Local Availability

Please review our Local Lecturer's website in order to find out if a corresponding instructor is available in your area. See ... 

2. Application

The World Mediation Organization kindly asks you to fill out completely, sign and send in the corresponding application form . Please note, that your enrolment procedure is only completed by receiving the signed application form and the listed course fee.

Enrolment can be realized anywhere in the world by the following steps:

1. Download the Application , fill it out, sign it and send it in. 
2. Realize payment by PayPal, Western Union or Money Gram.
3. Receive access to the course syllabus, manual, and text books.
4. Study at home, exchange thoughts and experiences with your tutor.
5. Submit the assignment of each chapter, prepare your end-of-course thesis.
6. Realize the requested oral examination(s) regarding your summaries and thesis.
7. Become a graduate and receive the hard copy of your Certificate of Completion.

3. Accreditation

By finishing the WMO Course in Mediation and Conflict Management as resident program, students are qualified to enter the POTI COTIPSO program and to book further trainings offered by the „Peace Operations Training Institute“, which may enable them to work in International Peace Missions. After receiving the WMO and POTI Certificate, graduates may receive an accreditation of up to 22 credit hours may by starting a degree program at the American Militay University.

4. Course Syllabus

The curriculum (ask for password) combines innovative perspectives on the acquisition and the application of knowledge. The innovative content conveys excellent communication, presentation, and intercultural skills, preparing candidates for the national and international job market. Candidates will be invited to participate in our growing network of students, alumni, and experts to exchange opinions and information on global issues beyond the scope of the one-year study program.

The outstanding benefit of our programme is the fact that our students do not only study the basics, but also get a deep knowledge on alternative dispute resolution in general. Hereby we enable our students to act as successful future professionals. Due to the preamble on Peace Education, our students become conflict consultants and trainers for conflict resolution at the same time. Further information may be obtained by reviewing the Course Scheme.

5. Learning Procedure

The program has been designed to provide theoretical and practical information at the same level.

1) The course curriculum (ask for password) contains six chapters. The Local Lecturer gives a general outlook on the individual topic, the learning outcome, and the individual concept of classes. The student is asked to attend all days of the resident training. As an option, the student may agree with the instructor to create an academic thesis as end-of-course paper of 25 pages. The thesis should reflect the obtained knowledge in Mediation and Conflict Management and finally ensure us that the student is ready to become an active Conflict Consultant in the field. The individual topic of the thesis should be discussed with the headquarters - contact

2) Please note that the certificate of graduation is issued exclusively by the headquarters. It contains a personal Student Identification Number that should be verified at any moment. 

6. Price Structure / Tuition Fees

In order to enable as many students as possible to subscribe and to get out the benefits of our training, the tuition fee varies depending on the area were the individual student lives and were the training is executed. The prices for resident trainings are determined by the Local Lecturers.

7. Evaluation / Recognition / Further Studies

The WMO is an educational partner of the Peace Operations Training Institute and forms part of the COTIPSO Training Program. Students interested in a comprehensive study of peacekeeping and humanitarian relief may earn a Certificate of Training in United Nations Peace Support Operations (COTIPSO). This advanced-level certificate is made possible through a partnership between the Peace Operations Training Institute and participating national and regional peacekeeping training centres and selected universities.  By combining focused classroom training and a wide base of self-paced distance-learning courses, the COTIPSO Programme provides a solid foundation of knowledge in peacekeeping. This Programme gives students the opportunity to combine the benefits of in-person instruction with the convenience of distance training, while the academic-level thesis allows students to research a single peacekeeping-related topic within a self-paced structure.

By finishing the WMO Course in Mediation and Conflict Management as resident program , students are qualified to book further trainings offered by the “Peace Operations Training Institute“, which may enable them to work in International Peace Missions. After receiving the WMO and POTI Certificate, graduates may receive an accreditation of up to 22 credit hours may by starting a degree program at the American Military University.  Learn more about the above mentioned Training and don't miss your chance to prepare for an international career. Please don't hesitate to forward any type of questions to our headquarters by contacting our Communication Centre - POTI Inquiry.

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