External Certification: Peace Mediator / Conflict Manager

The World Mediation Organization offers a certification service for graduates of other institutions and universities in general. We enable skilled persons in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution to achieve the prestigious seal of excellence by receiving the graduate's certification of the World Mediation Organization.  Applicants may join the benefits of the WMO certificate in full. Which means, that their professional skills where reviewed, evaluated and recognized. Futhermore, they are able to receive the academic recognition and an evaluation of
20 ECTS for this course, being part of the Master's or Doctorate's Programs at EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide) and qualify for further studies at the Peace Operations Training Institute.

After receiving the WMO and POTI Certificate, graduates may receive an accreditation of up to 22 credit hours may by starting a degree program at the American Military University.  The WMO Quality Seal considers the guidelines of the German Mediation Act, the European Code of Conduct for Mediators, the UN Guidance for Effective Mediation, as well as international research results regarding the sustainable benefits of teaching Comprehensive Mediation. In order to achieve the corresponding certification, applicants will have to complete the process of individual evaluation as mentioned below. 

1. Application 

The World Mediation Organization kindly asks you to fill out completely, sign and send in the corresponding application form. Please note, that your enrolment procedure is only complete upon our receiving your signed application form and the listed course fee. Enrolment can be realized anywhere in the world by the following steps: Enrolment, right here

1. Download the application, fill it out, sign it and send it in. 
2. Send in your diploma, the course content as well as your CV.
3. Send your payment by PayPal, Western Union or Money Gram.
4. Discuss the topic of your thesis with WMO Headquarters, create it, send it in.
5. Develop your thesis tutor's advice and submit it following academic standards.
6. Wait for the approval of your thesis and receive your personalized WMO Certificate.

2. Evaluation

The World Mediation Organization opens doors the several opportunities of further education. WMO Graduates (Distance Program & External Certification Process) who wish to realize their Master‘s and / or Doctorate's Degree at EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide) get this program evaluated and validated with an equivalency of 20 ECTS. WMO Graduates may receive a WMO / EUCLID Post Graduate Certificate in Mediation on demand.

3. Certification Procedure

Each applicant has to meet certain educational assessment, and professional requirements for admission and certification as a mediator. This issue will be evaluated by reviewing the applicant's CV, the individual diploma which was handed out by the former educational authority, and a detailed course curriculum stating a list of topics which formed part of the training.

To state the individual professional level of excellence, the applicant is asked to create and hand in only an academic thesis of 35 pages. The topic of this thesis will be discussed with WMO headquarters. It is mandatory that the topic enables the student to make use of his / her professional excellence and that it meets the research interests of the World Mediation Organization. Due to his / her earlier obtained diploma, no additional course work is required.

On acceptance of the thesis, it is selectable for publication and corresponding for sale on the website of the World Mediation Organization. The financial income will support directly our scholarship program. By sending in the application form, the applicant confirms that he / she understood this issue, and that he / she wishes to form an active part of our unique concept of social support.

4. Price Structure / Tuition Fees

In order to enable as many students as possible to subscribe and to benefit from our training, the tuition fees vary depending on the area were the individual student lives. These prices refer to the online version of the training. PaymentPaypal and Credit Card (Proceed as Paypal Guest) or use Western Union / Money Gram (ask for payment information). Please inform us which option you choose. Payments are not refundable.

  • Europe, North-America, Australia                                    600,- EURO
  • Middle & South America, Asia                                         300,- EURO 
  • Africa                                                                                   150,- EURO 

5. Financial Aid / Scholarship

The World Mediation Organization is able to offer scholarships to students. Our financial aid program is committed to providing qualified students with a chance to achieve a top-rate education. We therefore strongly encourage students to consider the program regardless of their financial means. Applicants can be confident that we will do the utmost to meet their financial requirements.

The World Mediation Organization will provide scholarships for students based on educational excellence and financial need. Generally we provide scholarships of an amount up to a 30 % price reduction on the course costs depending on the citizenship of the student.

The financial aid application is a two step process. First, the student is asked to submit a written application outlining the individual professional background and financial situation. Second, the application will be evaluated and on granting the reduction, the student is asked to pay the corresponding course fee. The scholarship will be granted to the first applicant each month. Start your inquiry by contacting the Communication Centre - Scholarship / Financial Aid.

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