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The World Mediation Organization offers a newly developed online course focussing on the highly important topic of Mediation & Peace Activism in English and Spanish language. The content deals with mediation, peace support, humanitarian relief, and security operations. Our curriculum aims to build solid, practical knowledge of United Nations peacekeeping operations and related topics, with course materials written by former Force Commanders, Military Advisers to DPKO, experienced peacekeepers, published scholars, and experts in their fields. Peacekeeping operations and the challenges faced by mediatores and peacekeepers are diverse and complex.

We have been meeting the demand for quality, affordable online peacekeeping training from day one. When you study with WMO, you can learn wherever you are, whenever your schedule permits. At the WMO, we work to take the distance out of distance learning and provide our students worldwide with a learning experience that is rich, interactive, and meaningful. This program considers the UN Guidance for Effective Mediation, as well as international research results regarding the sustainable benefits of teaching Comprehensive and Applied Mediation for professional action in the field.

Relevant Courses

The World Mediation Organization offers 10 self-paced online-learning courses on current topics in mediation and peace support. The course authors are former Force Commanders, Military Advisors to DPKO, experienced peacekeepers, published authors, and scholars in the field who develop our courses to accord with or exceed UN Training Guidance, as appropriate. We strive to continually evaluate and update our courses, developing them in conjunction with important global peacekeeping topics.

Each course contains all needed reading and study materials, learning objectives, and self-scoring end-of-lesson quizzes with answers provided, allowing the student to study at his or her own pace. After completing the quizzes at the end of each lesson, a student completes a unique 50-question multiple choice End-of-Course Examination. With a passing grade of 75%, students are awarded a Certificate of Completion for that course. If students fail the exam, they are provided one opportunity to take an alternate form of the exam. 

Your Needs, Your Choices

Students may choose from two, below mentioned, enrolment structures, each designed to meet different needs. Students may enrol in one of the 10 individual courses (see option A) or enrol in a more complex professional programme leading to the WMO Certificate in Mediation and Peace Activism (see option B).

a) You are free to book an indiviual course only, to go through the learning and examination procedure as mentioned above, and to obtain a course related certificate, based on the topic you enrolled to. The certifiying entity is WMO in cooperation with POTI and Euclid University.

b)  You may choose a minimum of six below listed courses, go through the learning and examination procedure as mentioned above, and to obtain the prestigious WMO Certificate in Mediatiion and Peace Activism. This certificate  will further display the individual courses you enrolled to. The WMO Certificate in Mediation and Peace Activism further grants a unique academic evaluation at Euclid University. The certifiying entity is WMO in cooperation with POTI and Euclid University.

Global students

Students from over 170 nations have enrolled in this course content, both as individuals actively pursuing knowledge in the field of peacekeeping and as members of organizations integrating our courses into their own training programmes. These organizations include national ministries of defence, NGOs, IGOs, peacekeeping missions, and educational institutions, among others. A list of current enrolment programmes can be found on the following page.

Accessibility and Enrolment

The WMO website will guide students to enrol, download their courses, submit their exams, email with their WMO course tutor, participate in discussions in our WMO Blog, watch introductory course videos, and experience other online features. Courses are available online through PDF download. Enrolment may be made conveniently through the WMO website, see below. Course materials are delivered online. Bulk enrolment programmes can be made available to institutions upon request. 

Benefits of a WMO Certificate

The World Mediation Organization opens doors the several opportunities of further education, evaluation, and recognition. WMO Graduates (Distance Program & External Certification Process) who wish to realize their Master‘s and / or Doctorate's Degree at EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide) get this program evaluated and validated with an equivalency of 20 ECTS. WMO Graduates may receive a WMO / EUCLID Post Graduate Certificate in Mediation on demand. Further, this certificate is recognized by all WMO Parnters.

Available Courses

01) An Introduction to the UN System: Orientation for Serving on a UN Field Mission - see syllabus ...

02) Principles and Guidelines for UN Peacekeeping Operations - see syllabus ...

03) Peacekeeping and International Conflict Resolution - see syllabus ....

04) Ethics in Peacekeeping - see syllabus ...

05) Human Rights and Peacekeeping - see syllabus ...

06) International Humanitarian Law and the Law of Armed Conflict - see syllabus ...

07) Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration (DDR) - see syllabus ...

08) Security for United Nations Peacekeepers - see syllabus ...

09) Gender Perspectives in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations - see syllabus ...

10) Preventing Violence Against Women and Gender Inequality in Peacekeeping - see syllabus ...

Application Procedure

The World Mediation Organization kindly asks you to fill out the application form completely, sign it and send it to our office. Please note, that your enrolment procedure is only completed by receiving the signed application form and the listed course fee.

You may decide if you choose an individual course as earlier mentioned, namely option (a), or if you mark the content courses of your training in Mediation and Peace Activism, namely option (b). 

Enrolment can be realized anywhere in the world by the following steps:

1. Download the Application , fill it out, sign it and send it in
2. Realize payment by PayPal, Western Union or Money Gram.
3. Receive access to the course syllabus, manual, and text books.
4. Study at home, exchange thoughts / experiences with your tutor.
5. Realize the requested exams as describbed in the course introduction. 
6. Become a graduate and receive the copy of your Certificate of Completion.

Price Structure / Tuition Fees

In order to enable as many students as possible to subscribe and to get out the benefits of our training, the tuition fee was calculated as low as possible. For payment, please go to: Paypal or use Western Union / Money Gram (ask for payment information). Please inform us which option you choose. Payments are not refundable.

  • Individual Course Fee                                   90,- EURO (Each course)
  • Mediator and Peace Activist                         90,- EURO (Each course, while six courses are mandatory for certification as MPA)
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