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welcome to our free of charge training and thank you for your interest in our professional development course on Mediation and Conflict Management . We are delighted to see that you are going to be one of many Mediators and Conflict Managers around the world who obtained their knowledge by studying this material. When you are reading this, you have already taken a big step towards creating a possible peaceful future of many human beings.

We are reaching a critical point in history when solving the problems of humankind has become a matter of our very survival. Finding sustainable solutions to these problems has never been more pressing, as population pressure, violence, and environmental degradation are on the rise. We are alive at a unique time in history, a time that calls on humanity’s creativity, ingenuity, and compassion to solve our greatest problems.  There are many approaches to try to solve these problems, but ultimately, the root of these problems are related to human consciousness, worldview, and culture. Taking the cultural approach, our current predicaments are related to the culture of war and violence, which is a global human phenomenon permeating all aspects of life. In order to solve our problems, we must transform the culture of war and violence into a culture of peace and nonviolence, which is the goal of peace education and modern conflict management in general.

According to the founding charter of UNESCO, war / conflict begins in the minds of men. If this is true, then it is through changing our minds – our consciousness and our worldview, which are rooted in our culture – that transformation needs to occur in order to move from a culture of war to a culture of peace. Albert Einstein said, that it is not possible to solve a problem at the same level of creation. This is why it is our goal to raise our level of thinking in order to solve our problems from a distance point of view.  This training is intended to bring conflict management to new audiences around the world. It is useful for anyone who is interested in learning about conflict management, for private or professional use.  This document is free of charge, it has been designed to provide theoretical and practical information at the same level, and will end without receiving any kind of certification. The only purpose of this document is to spread the social competence of understanding and dealing with conflict. This file was not only created for practitioners but also for people who may be able to act as future lecturers in their communities.  The course is made up of 14 chapters. The student is encouraged to study the current file at an individual pace and to implement the information to a corresponding field of action.  Please learn here about the differences between our course structures:

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Remember that investing money in such a course, means to invest money in you while being a highly valuable individual in your private, social and professional life.

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