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Medi & Ator - The Christmas Mediation

„Medi & Ator means mediator. They are artificial figures allowing a view into the world of mediation, detecting the mediator’s soul. Not everything is to be taken seriously. The idea writing those stories came up in order to teach right behaviour to mediator students and to mirror what happens in the field of mediation and what is nor really mediation like. A smile could help improving the world. That’s what Medi & Ator want to achieve. Medi & Ator stories are the Christmas present given to the members of integrated mediation ( every year. Not all of those stories are available in English, but this one we share with you. Enjoy“ Arthur Trossen.

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One year passed by. "That year went by quickly", says Medi to Ator. "It seems to me as if we had just completed the mediation between Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny some minutes ago. Do you remember? We have been doing it very successfully, haven’t we? Yesterday I was in the grocery where I have seen the Santa figures again". "You've seen the packaging!", corrects Ator. "Whether the chocolate figure inside the package is a Santa Claus or an Easter bunny we did never find out". "That's why I like the mediation", Medi knows to reply. "You do not need to get to the bottom of things but you will settle cases though. Isn’t that awesome?". "Is it so?“, wonders Ator. „I do not know. But anyway, we're the best", he starts to point out quickly. On that point, the two are always in agreement. "You're right," continues Ator therefore. „The year went by so fast, almost as if nothing had happened between Christmas and Christmas".

At that moment the doorbell starts ringing.

A very small guy is standing in front of the door. He looks intimidated, confused and a bit irritated. He was shining like wooden. He also was missing some teeth. He wears a red uniform with yellow braids and white buttons. On his head there was a golden crown. His uniform seems to be a soldier's uniform. “He is not looking like a soldier”, came into Medi’s and Ator’s mind. And the crown on top …. somehow it doesn’t fit. Medi and Ator have to bend down to that small guy, to understand the Nutcracker’s faltering voice at all. But active listening is nothing new for Medi and Ator. They are used to bend for listening actively.

The toothless man introduces himself: "I am the Nutcracker". "Aha," say Medi and Ator. Of course both of them came to open the door. They have been too curious welcoming their new customer. "We can see that you are the nutcracker. What could we do for you?". Medi and Ator have not really got used to their unusual clientele. First there were Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and now the Nutcracker, what else might happen to them? Both had prepared themselves in a number of role-plays and trainings on everything. Only a nutcracker exceeded all their previous fantasies. A client like him they never expected. But that's mediation. What might be his problem, Medi and Ator wondered. Except that he looks like he is looking is one of their first hypotheses. Maybe he has problems with his wife is Medi’s secret guess. It immediately come into her mind that Nutcrackers cannot have wives. At least she never heard of a female nutcracker.

Unfortunately Medi doesn’t have the time to indulge her thoughts. However the short inspiration was enough to once again remind her on the women’s discrimination. Immediately she remembers that even the German lawmakers mentioned only male mediators in the mediation act where female mediators seem to be unknown. With her gloomy thoughts about one's own discrimination as a woman Medi welcomes the Nutcracker: "Good day MR. Nutcracker". She couldn’t suppress her feelings. Otherwise she would have emphasised that “MR.” like she did. The Nutcracker feels the allusion. She meets him deeply, because that exactly is his problem. He feels not perceived as a man. And now even the female mediator is lasting that. The nutcracker is about to leave. Ator rescues the situation so to speak from man to man: "Good day, Nutcracker" he says, almost chummy. "Thank you for coming. How can we help you?". Ator deliberately doesn’t wait for the answer but simply continues: "But come in first". Now the Nutcracker has no other choice left. He follows the mediators wordlessly into the office. His wooden head shows down. Of course Ator noticed Medi's stinger. He whispers to her: “Hold back a little please”. The most he likes now is talking with the Nutcracker alone. But he learned that single talks require permission. He doubts that Medi would agree to such a proposal. And, moreover, the Nutcracker's also completely alone. There is no other party. How the hell the opponent should agree? Is it allowed that Ator even chat with one party, as long as neither the co-mediator nor the opponents have consented? Would that be violating the law? Ator resets his thoughts. He is not a lawyer, so why should he care for those legal niceties? Finally, he still doesn’t really know what matters. Ator tries to grin and bear it. He assumes that Medi understood his message and that it is better, if he will lead further talks. The law on mediation - he tries to convince himself - expects the leadership of the male mediator. This interpretation of the law he learned from the German mediation act where “der Mediator” is a male mediator. So – for him - everything is clear. Ator prefers, at least not to talk to Medi about it.

Medi, Ator and the Nutcracker arrive at the office door. "Christmas mediations" is written on it. Politely they ask the nutcracker to step in first. Of course, the mediation room is shining the spirit of mediation. There is a round table of about 1 meter in diameter, 4 chairs, not too hard and not too soft with red chair cushions for the mediands and green chair cushions for the mediators. This choice of colours was given much importance. Mediands mostly do not know what to do. Thus the red traffic light is symbolizing the choice of colour for them. The mediators, who make things possible is associated with the green chair like the green traffic light. Medi and Ator had long discussions about the colouring. They also had huge discussions about other details such as the colour of the wallpaper. Pink became the colour of their choice. Yellow was the alternative, because it fits the traffic lights so pretty well. But pink was the decision, because this colour is calming down. Medi and Ator read about that in Cosmopolitan, a woman’s magazine Medi used to read frequently. Beyond that, pink goes well with Christmas red. Since Medi and Ator call themselves the Christmas mediators, of course there are a lot of Christmas attributes. Thus, the poster, which is showing up the phases, is garnished with figures. One shows Santa Claus, who makes a very sad face in phase 1

which differs from phase to phase. It brightens until in phase 5 Santa Claus is to be seen laughing and handshaking with another Father Christmas. The mediator - on that picture - is floating on a cloud over the Santa Clauses. They wanted to visualize mediative potentials, showing up the communication axes and indicating the mediator’s neutrality. Yes, they designed the office room with much brain and attention to details. On the table is a Christmas wreath of course. Four thick, red candles are peppered in it. Medi had lovingly decorated the wreath. In the middle she mounted a bowl of sweets, pastries and of course with some walnuts. Walnuts are symbols of Christmas. Medi and Ator knew about. Walnuts are the fruit of love. The Walnut kernel finally is intended to symbolize the sweet flesh of Christ. So what could be better than to put walnuts on the table of a mediation concerning Christmas? And where nuts are, of course, there is a nutcracker also.

Hardly entered the mediation room, the Nutcracker’s first glance of course landed on the nutcracker in the middle of the walnuts. His concerns come up again and again he would prefer mostly to leave the mediation again. It somehow is an embarrassing situation. Medi and Ator our sensitive mediators can feel that. Just the reason for embarrassment they couldn’t explain to themselves. Everyone has his own ideas about the mood. Ator once learned: There are no problems in mediation, only opportunities. Now he wondered how to turn embarrassment into a chance. He could think of nothing better to do than to say, "Look, your guild is always present with us. We even have a particularly fine example of a nutcracker selected to garnish the plate". Ator’s smile seemed cramped. And frankly his note didn’t help to facilitate. Of course it occurred to him that the nutcracker in Christmas wreath still has all his teeth, that it appears freshly painted shining a rather self-confident character. All of this is exactly the opposite of the now- present customer. The conglomerate of uneasy feelings is impacting everybody’s mood.

Ator rescues the situation by unspooling what he once learned: "Are you here voluntarily?", he asks the Nutcracker directly. The question is just as adept as irritating, almost a paradoxical intervention. It brings a new thought up but what to do? The Nutcracker considering what to say, more and more is worrying that the Christmas mediators Medi and Ator ever could help him. Despite his doubts he answers courteously: "Pirlipat sent me". Medi and Ator didn’t really like to hear that. Is it still voluntariness, when one has been sent to mediation, they asked themselves? Is it allowed to mediate despite that fact? The law states that the mediator has to assure voluntariness. The question distracted Medi and Ator so much, that they forget to ask who Pirlipat is. They prefer not to deepen the legal issues further since one thing is more than clear to both: One cannot send customers away as this is not good for the earning. Also, they still do not even know what's all about. Ator, the dogmatist, goes to the flipchart immediately before they settled. There he draws a thick line on the lower third of the sheet to write below: "Parking: voluntariness". Directed to the customer, he says: "We will come back to this subject again. But please take a seat”. "Which one?", asks the Nutcracker still irritated. "Maybe where you do not see your colleague?" answers Medi unforgivingly mocking. It should come across as a joke.

Medi and Ator once passed some trainings how to use humour in mediation. The lecturer explained that humour could lighten the situation. Somehow this joke had missed it’s mediative effect. Maybe the lecturer was wrong? Ator, the active mediator, reacts without hesitating, when taking the Nutcracker from the Christmas dish saying: "Then you now have the freedom of choice". At least he seems to understand me, thinks the Nutcracker and takes a seat on one of those red cushions wordlessly. His feelings still are mixed very much. "May we offer some coffee or drinks to you? Please help yourself with the pastries and take as many nuts as you want", recommended Medi. Medi feels to be the feminine soul in mediation. Therefore she became the authority for the physical well-being. This in her mind is not a discrimination of women. On the contrary she sees in it the good feminine quality woman are empowered to show without loosing face. The ungrateful reaction of their guest surprises while he just comments: "Without a nutcracker". Is it sarcasms? Medi and Ator prefer not to respond this coolness. You do not need to take nuts they think to themselves.

Ator decided to drive the full course: "To start I tell you best what mediation is ever", he said. Without waiting for an answer, he continues: "We are mediators. Medi and I have passed trainings in mediation and we became specialists in Christmas mediation. We once even mediated Santa Claus and Easter Bunny. We brought them to an agreement". Now Medi wonders whether she should mention her training hours. The law says, that the mediator has to declare his education only at the request of the parties. Pity, that no one has asked for her education here. She is so proud of her 1000-hour-training. She knows that there is no better proof of her competence available. Thus she couldn’t help to go in between: "We are certified mediators, you know, and I have a 1000 hours of training". Medi and Ator didn’t take care that mentioning Father Christmas and Easter Bunny could violence the confidentiality. They didn’t mention their names. So what is the problem? Ator continued disregarding those kinds of details: "Mediation is a process where the mediators bring parties to settlement. Is that understood?" That should be enough to meet the Mediation Act Medi and Ator belief.

Suddenly the genius of the Mediation Law becomes aware to them when they notice that there's actually only one party present. According to the law there is one party missing. Oups maybe there is no mediation possible then? Could mediation work with only one party at all? Before they find the answer they hear the Nutcracker saying: "Pirlipat has forced me to come. She claimed that would be helping me. I belief she just wanted to get rid of me. She herself will never agree. She even doesn’t listen to what I say. Her assistance you can totally forget".

"We've cracked many difficult parties already", Medi and Ator simultaneously tried to comfort the Nutcracker. "To crack anything I became unable", murmurs the Nutcracker very sadly in order to continue: "And that is exactly my problem. Without teeth I am lost. There was a tough time of it with Pirlipat and she has no mercy. Nothing works anymore. Pirlipat even doesn’t explain herself to me. Thus everything I do I am doing wrongly. The more I try to get her attention the more I am loosing her". The Nutcracker looks very sad now. He looked sad enough to touch Medi’s helper syndrome. So much empathy with that man has been surprising herself now. Medi is proud of herself to

develop some warm feelings even for a macho. "Did I understand you correctly", she continues, "You mean nothing works anymore?". Wow what a paraphrase. One shot one hit. The Nutcracker adds: "Yes, exactly. Nothing works. And I've just wondering what I should do even here". "You are here because we can help you to solve the problem", explain Medi and Ator of the same mouth. "Then you have to convince Pirlipat", the Nutcracker claimed. "Pirlipat is the topic then?", asks Ator.

Both now feel safely back in the process. "Can we note this issue?" is Ator’s question therefore. Without waiting for an answer he draws another line on the flipchart paper. He writes the headline "Themes". Below the headline he writes “Pilipat”. "Pi-R-lipat is the name of the problem", the Nutcracker corrects. “Her name is Pi-RRRR-lipat and she is the evil of everything. Please note that too”. "Before you said: Pilipat", Ator tries to justify himself. "But ok”, he continued, “I can correct that fault and write Pirlipat, if you insist". Very offensively discovering the mediand’s mistake Ator crosses out the word "Pilipat" to set "Pirlipat" in large letters underneath. "OK NOW?" he asks. "Yes!", says the Nutcracker, pointing out again: "Pirlipat is the origin of all my disasters. She is ungrateful because she threw me out of the palace". She surely had her reasons came in Medi’s mind. She assumes that probably she herself would have thrown the nutcracker out of her life.

Pirlipat somehow is already sympathetic with Medi, though she never have seen or met her. She liked the way Ator marked Pirlipat’s name in thick letters now on the flipchart. In case that Pirlipat ever will join the mediation, then she might detect immediately the influence of women. But the heck what is the subject, they are considering? Shouldn’t Ator write more precisely that the deal simply is women power? According to that subject, Medi is quite tough in her mind. She prefers to call things as they are without any mercy. Additionally she herself would have great desire to talk about this issue. Of course she knows that it is rather the client’s than the mediator’s item that is to be listed here. But how can she lead the mediand committing the issue which in reality is the source of the evil. She assumes that it might not feel comfortable for men when a woman is calling the problem by it’s real name. That, she thinks, she should leave to Ator. Why else she is doing the co-mediation together with a male? Nevertheless Medi somehow fears that Ator doesn’t come on what is the real issue.

Beyond that everything runs so differently than they have learned it. Where is Pirlipat at all? She suddenly get aware of that crucial question. Her feminine curiosity pushes her to ask rather than the law on mediation could be her motivation. "Where IS Pirlipat by the way", she asks. She felt brave herself doing so because in her feelings they reached already phase 2. At least that was Medi’s impression. She concluded that by finding out the fact that Ator has begun to list the topics. Isn’t that the main criteria of phase 2? Not waiting the nutcracker’s answer Ator asks the Nutcracker instead: "What I would like to know is why Pirlipat is behaving that ungratefully". Obviously that was the question the Nutcracker preferred. "She's ungrateful because I have freed her from a curse. Pirlipat was jinxed. She had been born as to be a beautiful princess. I have been born as to be a beautiful youngling. Then an evil witch transformed both of us. She put a spell on us. Pirlipat became a shapeless glassy-eyed creature. I was turned into the Nutcracker. I

freed her from that spell. Since Pirlipat is a beauty again, she has realized how ugly I am. Hence she just eliminated me in her mind. She ignores me. I understand that she wants to kick me out of her life". Now both, Medi and Ator, clearly indicate their concern: "That’s a terrible story”, they shout out of one mouth. “How can Pirlipat treat you like that? And what are you going to do now?". This question was caused by curiosity and maybe a bit to cover their helplessness. "I have to manage becoming that beautiful youth again. Then Pirlipat will take me back", was the nutcracker’s clear answer.

"I think time has come to get the drinks now. Medi tried to change the issue. She needed to chat with Ator in order to fix the next steps to go. Everything is so strange to her. She wants to talk with a professional about. Even though Ator is not a supervisor, talking with him is better than nothing, she thought. “We also might exchange the Christmas plates, so you do not have to constantly look at those nuts", Medi added quickly to increase the need leaving the room and to not cause any suspicions when breaking the mediation for a while. Said and done. Medi asks Ator to help her carrying the drinks to assure that Ator will join her. Both are leaving the room.

Now, the co-mediators gained the first opportunity to penetrate the situation in a professional way. "What do you think about that all?", Medi asks her colleague. "If I knew that," is Ator’s honest reply. "Somehow this is all different from what we have learned". "Yes, exactly!", was Medi’s reply. "I think he needs a therapy more than a mediation". "Who knows if that at all is a case of mediation. Since an imbalance of power seems to be the background I've heard that a mediation is not possible at all". "So what shall we do now?", asks Medi. "Have you noticed the Nutcracker’s wish?", she adds to her question. "We should convert Pirlipat?", speculates Ator. "We should help the Nutcracker to become a handsome youth again", was what Medi understood. "I got the impression it comes to masculinity," she adds again her favourite issue pointing out her view on the problem. "The Nutcracker", she develops the leading hypothesis now, "feels oppressed by the women's world. He claims to women, which of course cannot meet a woman. No wonder, he is such a macho". "You mean such a toothless snip?", hints Ator. "How can that be a macho?". "This he IS!", knows Medi showing, that this is not a topic of discussion. She is sure that it comes to correct the image of men over women. Ator doesn’t agree. He feels empathy with the nutcracker he feels to understand that poor man. He tries to explain. But Medi knows for sure and better: "Yes, men always are the same. If you were to respect women, then the world would be completely different". "But women ...", Ator murmors. "Maybe we better listen to what Pirlipat has to say?" Ator wants to change the subject. He knows the danger discussing that issue with Medi. At least at this moment they do not have the time for discussions. “The Nutcracker is probably already impatient”, suspected Medi. "So what do you think, is this a case for mediation?", Ator insists. "How else are we to earn money with mediation", answers Medi snippily. "If we want to reach an agreement, then we need to have two parties at least. Till now we have only one, who just is the Nutcracker. Even if we know the problem already, it might be quite smart to hear what Piripat’s opinion is", says Ator. "Pirlipat", corrected Medi now. "All right, well Pirlipat", Ator responds testily. "That missing “L” does not change the problem". He is right. Medi has to admit that

unfortunately. "So let us ask how we can force Pirlipat to join the mediation voluntarily. The therapy query we then can raise still". Said and done. The two professionals arm themselves with drinks and a neutral Christmas plate without nuts and without a nutcracker. Then they move back to the mediation room.

The Nutcracker is sitting there completely absorbed. The head is bent downward. He wants to hide his missing teeth, the empathic Medi wonders. Does that fit to a macho? She asked herself surprisingly. Anyway, this guy is a picture of misery. The helper instincts are awakened. Our mediators want to free that poor guy from his punishment, but how the hell? This question still is very unclear to the professionals. They decide to use the trial and error method. Wasn’t that another rule they learned in mediation trainings? Ator speaks like an active mediator: "Without Pirlipat it makes little sense talking here. Mediation requires two parties. Would it be possible for you to invite Pirlipat coming here? Do you think she would be willing to come?". "Never”, the Nutcracker spontaneously replies. “I've already told you. You can forget that idea. She doesn’t want anything more to do with me. It’s so stupid as there are so many things that could be managed together. Eventually she will even not percept me as long as I'm the toothless Nutcracker". "Did I understand correctly, if you had teeth, then Prilipat would increase her fondness?", was Medi’s professional question. "Pirlipat" corrected the Nutcracker automatically, "No, I don’t think that would be enough. Only when I'm the handsome youth, then again I might have a chance. My transformation back to the original shapeliness is set on a condition: I need to gain a woman’s fondness". "Have you ever tried it with", asks Ator very much interested and disregarding whether that question is indicated by mediation or not. This guy needs help. Nothing else counts now. "No," replies the Nutcracker seriously. “I was hoping Pirlipat is the lady to love me. I gave her so much reason to do so. After all, I freed her from the magic spell and made it possible that she is the beautiful princess again. I could give her so much. I do not understand why she is even not able to see my fondness for her". This indeed sounds stupid. Medi knows that there must be another reason explaining Pirlipat’s behave. "What have you done to her that Pirlipat treats you like that? I wonder if there wasn’t something else that must have happened", asks Medi rescuing the women’s world. Ator has doubts whether such a question fits to mediation. He therefore corrected bluntly: "What has to happen that Pirlipat could like you again". "I've already told you", replies the Nutcracker. "To love one you cannot force anyone" instructs Medi as the specialist of emotions. "So what can we do?", she asks the Nutcracker. "That is what YOU need to tell ME”, is the Nutcracker’s reply. “I think YOU are the Christmas mediators. YOU have told that such a problem is to be managed through the mediation". "Yes, yes, that's it. But then both parties must be present", explains Ator. "And that must happen voluntarily", Medi quickly adds to draw everybody’s attention to their plight. "Without opponents, no mediation!". Medi is proud of this insight and she decides to add this wisdom to her collection of mediation rules. Rules one cannot have enough, is her devise.

"Anyway, this way we will not achieve fruitful solutions. Incidentally, the question of honorary also still is open". Ator was right - with everything, mainly the question about

the billing. But what use is this knowledge now? "Maybe I could win YOUR love?" is the brave idea the Nutcracker beats into the round directed to Medi. Medi is shocked. Ator is secretly amused and curious to now see how Medi will handle that challenge. But Medi bluntly says: "We are mediators. That means YOU are responsible for the outcome NOT we. We also are impartial. If you would win our love, then Pirlipat needs winning the same. I do not belief that is in your mind". "Nobody is loving me", said the Nutcracker and then he starts crying. Medi feels called to comfort him: "But that's not true yet. All the children are you loving you. Nutcrackers therefore are a nice Christmas gift. It became a custom to donate beautifully painted nutcracker figures made of solid wood". "Yes, yes, exactly", replied the Nutcracker disappointed. This kind of consolation even more depresses him. "So you can only help, if Pirlipat will be coming and love to me, you cannot provide as well?". To not get lost of their customer Medi answers: "We are mediators, we are loving all the people in the world”. Medi was convinced about herself in regard of that. "Really all?", the nutcracker asks unbelievingly, “without an exception?”. "Yes, without an exception", claimed Medi fervently maybe with a secret restriction. Ator confirmed as well. "Then you like me as well and you have grown to love me", says the Nutcracker now carefully with hope coming up. "If you want to see it like that?", is the diplomatic answer of Medi and Ator. They preferred it to leave assessing the meaning behind to their customer.

Hardly said something unexpected happens. The Nutcracker starts changing his shape. Teeth are growing on him. His look is changing too. It becomes soft and friendly. The whole body is growing more and more looking like the youthful force moved into it. More and more he looks like a beautiful young man. After a while, his conversion is completed. Now a beautiful young man is sitting in front of the astonished mediators. Medi and Ator have learned how to mirror. Thus they hastened to pick a mirror from the visitor’s toilet. It now had to be quick and the mirror on the visitor's toilet was the next they could grasp. That way they reflect the Nutcracker, who now is able to recognize his true face in the mirror. "That's me?", he asked incredulously. "Yes, that’s you", Medi and Ator quickly are stressing, "that way you are really looking".

So simply, Medi and Ator state, mirroring never has been before. As always, the mediation took an unexpected course, what Medi and Ator confirmed even more to the fact that what had happened here, must surely have been mediation. Now they noticed that they still haven’t talked about their fee. The ex-nutcracker doesn’t leave any space for such a question. He is overjoyed and very happy. Therefore and in that mood he says: "I never thought that mediation can be so effective. I'll pay you whatever you want and I will recommend you as to be real Christmas Mediators. To be perfectly honest, I had biggest concerns at the beginning. I felt not well understood and believed that you are more on Pirlipat's side than on the mine. Now I learned that this all was a part of your remarkable strategy that you had to lure me only from the reserve, to cause such a great result". Medi and Ator looked at each other silently and meaningfully. They prefer to not comment further than to just to talk about the billing. The ex-nutcracker pays what is demanded and departs happily. "We have cracked the Nutcracker", Medi whispers in a tone which sounded a bit uncertainly. Medi and Ator prefer to have consensus about.

They didn’t get quite clearly why what happened before. "Do you think we shouldn‘t put nuts and nutcrackers on the Christmas plate in future?”, asks Ator to make the next mediations even more professional. “I'll add it to my collection of rules”, says Medi: "Nutcracker are mediands only and they shouldn’t be disgraced on Christmas plates". "Are you sure?", asks Ator. Both of them at least gained that feeling having learned again through mediation practice where they became an idea that mediation is creating a flow heading to solutions on it’s own the one or other way. Now they promise to learn more how that flow could be initialized in a way they could control better.

Arthur Trossen, December the 24th 2013 

Learning Peacemaking Skills from Syrian Refugees

The World Mediation Organization is happy to have supported this great Mediation Competition in Athens 2016, hosted by the well known Dr. Elena Koltsaki - an Attorney at Law and Accredited Mediator who runs the Greek Mediation Institute. Such stories as you will find below are only written by life itself … Read the original article at the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin:

WMO introducing the Hong Kong Arbitration Week

ADR in Asia Conference
Flagship Event of Hong Kong Arbitration Week 
18 October 2016, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong (8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong)

You are cordially invited to attend the ADR in Asia Conference: the flagship event of Hong Kong Arbitration Week.  Already in its fifth year, the conference continues to attract users, professionals and practitioners from all corners of the world to share their views on some of the most important and thought-provoking topics in international arbitration. The World Mediation Organisation is a supporting organisation and members can take advantage of discounted rate by registering online using the promo code: WMO235.
This year's conference theme is "Arbitration Challenged." 
Topics include: 

  • Arbileaks: Transparency by the Back Door is better than a Closed Shop
  • One on One Session with Sarah Grimmer 
  • Is there anything left in the Doctrine of Arbitrability?
  • Corruption: Arbitrators Beware

Members are eligible to a special discounted rate. Use Promo code: WMO235

Register here :

Talk DD: Instant E-Commerce Dispute Resolution

Bangkok - June 2016:  The Thailand Arbitration Centre enters the e-commerce dispute resolution market by launching Talk DD, the brainchild of Ms. Jittrinee Kaeojinda. The press conference on the launch of TalkDD, the first Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform in Thailand reveals more details on this visionary step towards reaching out for a global community of users. TalkDD powered by THAC is the 1st Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in Thailand that is deemed to be the new dimension of Alternative Dispute Resolution serving as the platform providing complete one-stop service complaint handling management system for customers and online retailers. The platform provides 3 services: 1. Online complaint service, 2. Online negotiation service, and 3. Online mediation service by utilizing efficient technology properly. THAC officials state: 'As the result of using TalkDD platform, we hope that we can help users save time and money as well as to help maintain a good customer-retailer relationship.

THAC Thailand Arbitration Center Managing Director Mr. Pasit Assawawattanaporn is honored by the compliments of the Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn and the Ministry of Commerce's Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) Director-General Malee Choklumlerd at the launch of Small Order OK ( SOOK), a new government service to promote unique and high-quality Thai products and encourage online sales to global markets. Buyers can make small initial purchases and try out products before deciding to place a big order. THAC is the only ADR center to partner with to develop Online Dispute Resolution platform which will enable members to resolve problems with online shopping quickly and amicably using online platform. THAC focuses on supporting Thai SMEs so they can be strong and competitive in the digital economy.

THAC signed the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Ministry of Commerce's Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) in order to provide Online Dispute Resolution service,, the 1st Online Dispute Resolution platform in Thailand to customers and online retailers.

How Talk DD works:

Infographic-2-Eng (1)

WMO collaborates with NLIU, Bhopal

The World Mediation Organisation is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with that National Law Institute University, Bhopal for the fifth edition of the NLIU-INADR International Law School Mediation Tournament, to be held from 25th to 27th November, 2016; in a bid to direct its attention to India after a host of European associations.

NLIU is one of the most prestigious national law schools in India with a student community committed to the recognition of mediation as a popular mode of dispute resolution in India. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Cell of NLIU procured its first association with INADR five years ago and has had many a remarkable show by its students at Chicago, Boston, Ireland, Vienna and Paris.

The NLIU-INADR Tournament is a three-day event including two training sessions on the first day to familiarize participants, which include many freshers, with the nuances of a seemingly easy process of mediation. The tournament has seen an increase in international participation since its inception and WMO is happy to further catalyse this cross-cultural exchange of knowledge and skill.

It is true that India is not a highly litigious society and peaceful resolution of disputes is an inherent and essential part of Indian culture which makes it easier to develop the process here as a viable legal alternative. Although India is only just warming up to the formal procedures, tapping lawyers-in-the-making who advocate mediation would be extremely fruitful.

To this end, WMO will provide an opportunity to participants of this tournament to take one of its online courses at a discounted price and will also offer the courses to the Best Mediator Team at 100% scholarship. With this, let mediation flourish in the beautiful city of lakes, Bhopal!

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Commonwealth Law Conference - Melbourne

The World Mediation Organization is glad to support and to form part of the 20th Commonwealth Law Conference offered from March 20th – 24th 2017 in the beautiful city of Melbourne. We are excited to witness an event that gathers international expert peers looking for professional exchange and interaction. Such visionary thinking scholars and professionals will discuss topics of global impact and interest, facing the complexity and international dimension of the points under discussion. We believe that this event has an important impact on the professional development of all participants, and may form the foundation for future international co-operations. In order to outline the importance of spreading and implementing Mediation to the participant’s professional setting, WMO offers price reductions for all attendees who would like to widen and to deepen their understanding in alternative dispute resolution by booking a WMO Mediation Training placing the focus on high escalated and international conflict. Don’t miss this high-end international event, and benefit of the opportunity to become a WMO Fellow:

INADR Mediation Tournament - Athens

The World Mediation Organization is glad to support and to form part of another INADR Event, namely the Mediation Tournament - Athens , May 14 – 17, 2016. We are excited to witness how visionary thinking scholars and professionals spread and establish Mediation in all corners of the globe. We believe that such events have an important impact on the acceptance of alternative dispute resolution, and often form the foundation for future professional development in the corresponding country. In order to motivate the participants even more, WMO offers scholarships for the winning team, as well as price reductions for all participants who would like to book a WMO Mediation Training placing the focus on high escalated and international conflict. Don’t miss this high-end international event, and benefit of the opportunity to become a WMO Fellow:

WMO - Foro Internacional de Mediadores Profesionales - Sevilla 16

The World Mediation Organization is happy to support the ‚FIMP -  Foro Internacional de Mediadores Professionales‘ Sevilla 2016. Detailed conversations between both its directors, namely Mr. Javier Alés Sioli and Mr. Daniel Erdmann, opened steps for the current and future cooperations. Please review the schedule right here ...

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WMO - MeDiate 16  / European Mediation Tournament

The World Mediation Organization is glad to support and to form part of the MeDiate 16 / European Mediation Tournament offered in Vilnius, Lithuania - January 27th - 30th, 2016. We are excited to witness how visionary thinking scholars and professionals spread and establish Mediation in all corners of the globe. We believe that such events have an important impact on the acceptance of alternative dispute resolution, and often form the foundation for future professional development in the corresponding country. In order to motivate the participants even more, WMO offers three different scholarships for the winning teams, as well as catchy price reductions for all participants who would like to book a WMO Mediation Training placing the focus on high escalated and international conflict. Don’t miss the opportunity to become a WMO Fellow:

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Dear Peace Activists around the Globe, warm regards from Goa.

I write to you with an aim to share some exciting news of collaboration of two institutes - one from Germany and the other from India - dedicated to the practice and propagation of Mediation.

The alternative dispute resolution board of Goa’s premiere law college - V M Salgaocar College of Law (VMSCL) - has produced some talented young law eaglets, who have gained commendable accolades at national and international law competitions. Over the last few years, we have taken great strides to grow and develop in the field of ADR and after having gained considerable knowledge and experience at events in Paris, Vienna or Hong Kong we are raring to spread the good word of Mediation to anyone and everyone who hasn’t witnessed or isn’t yet convinced of its benefits.

We have been nurturing a dream of hosting an International Dispute Resolution Competition. The idea is to attract the best expert mediators from all over the globe to convene for an exciting week of knowledge sharing, networking and tutoring, as law students rub shoulders with their peers from different cultural backgrounds during the mediation competition. We are fortunate that the World Mediation Organization (WMO) and its Director General, Mr. Daniel Erdmann, have decided to help us chase this dream and offered their strength (human resource) and support (knowledge and expertise) to make this dream come true. Mr. Erdmann is himself a visionary and is instrumental in creating a rich network of mediators across the world through WMO and is dedicated to take the science and art of mediation to every corner where disputes exist and where solutions are sought.

VMSCL & WMO will join hands to host the first edition of the International Dispute Resolution Competition titled ‘Lex Infinitum’ in March 2016 (2nd – 5th). The four-day event would include a workshop of the first day, followed by three days of intense mediation role plays, based on mock dispute problems. The first edition of Lex Infinitum will feature the top law schools in India, as well as international law schools from Europe, Asia and hopefully, even South America. The event will also draw experts in the field of mediation from India and abroad who would participate as judges, trainers and lecturers during the event. Participants will be judged and evaluated in different categories and felicitated during the awards night function to be held at a scenic location. Registrations for teams will open on December 10, 2015 and end on January 5, 2016.

Prior to Lex Infinitum, WMO will host ‘Global Gathering Goa 2016’ on February 29 and March 1. This would be a two-day meet to discuss the role of mediation in maintaining universal peace and resolving international conflicts. Comprising presentations, debates, fun filled activities, dinners, cultural programmes and a whole lot of networking, the project would be held at a venue close to the world famous Dona Paula beach (around 4km away from the Lex Infinitum venue), near Panaji. More details published on the website - - under ‘Activities’.

This particular collaboration between VMSCL & WMO aims to take mediation to the grassroots in India and beyond. India hasn’t warmed up completely to dispute resolution modules outside court and this collaboration hopes to attract disputing parties from all spheres of life – private businessmen, corporates, government organizations, trade unions, minority communities, native and indigenous groups, artistes, performers, writers, thinkers, etc. – to the idea of sitting together under the same roof or skyline and resolving their conflicts.

The idea is to grow every year, attract more countries to convene in the picturesque and liberal environs of the former Portuguese colony. Besides the stressful competition sessions, the organizing committee is also planning to put together an interesting schedule comprising dinners and dances to give all participants – students and experts – a flavor of Goa. We believe that the pristine beaches, delicious food, soothing music and the rich traditional heritage oozing out of the architecture and the peoples’ hospitality make Goa the perfect place to come together to preach and practice Mediation.

The most beautiful part of mediation is that disputing parties decide for themselves what is best for them. From striking opposing positions, they agree to understand and compromise on each other’s interests and ultimately find ways to hold up the relationship. This concept of mediation needs to infiltrate the mind space of every individual, community and government and therefore, we need the assistance of every like-minded person or organization who believes in our ideas and goals. Be it financial help (sponsoring) or intellectual support (participating and providing your expertise), we would be greatly indebted to any assistance you provide and your gesture would be appropriately acknowledged on all our public portals for the event – website, social media, brochures, etc.

Help us sow the seeds of mediation and shape the future of dispute resolution in India. Get in touch with me or Mr. Erdmann at your earliest as we have already set sail on this journey and we would love to have you on board.

Regards, Jonathan Rodrigues President, Lex Infinitum 2016

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