Solid base of 3 DMs in Nepal

The WMO is extensively happy to welcome the third District Manager located in Nepal. Mr. Kum Gurung, M.A. will operate in the area of Pokhara, the strategic centre of the country. By asking him how he plans to create a sustainable benefit for mankind and how he will promote a non-violent culture of conflict management, he answered:

'Mediation is a process, facilitated by a third party. Its attraction is its practicality. Therefore, disputes which would take huge amount of time and money to be processed through traditional legal systems, can often be manged more quickly and affordably through alternative dispute resolution programs. Although it is a challenging process" to bring the people to the mediation table" However, if we are clear on phases of mediation and if we undertake this process with very clean attitude (rather than trying to be an arbitrator) it works well.   

Further, working with ICPD Nepal, a professional organization working in the field of conflict resolution and mediation, sponsorship mediation programs can be initiated and powered by industry groups, and private agencies.

It will focus on the education of individuals or groups making them more clearer on its process and purpose to identify and articulate their needs, interests and position and to find their own solutions through careful listening and dialogue, and to create hereby a certain sensibility for treating crisis situations.’

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