Book Release by District Manager - Dr. Giovanni Ercolani

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Introduction: Security is a universal aspiration of human beings that is present in all times and in all cultures. This exhaustive contention can be understood and accepted if we reflect upon the meaning and the role it plays in life of any person. In essence, every human being wants to live in peace, in a sociologically and ecologically friendly environment, and avoid all the threats and risks that endanger him or her at any cost. Security is a state of wellbeing that enables one to exercise one’s freedom to develop the project of life that every human being seeks to put in practice.

In our society, being defined as the risk society, security is regarded as the most precious goods. However, a considerable part of the population lives in greater insecurity due to the fear of losing the high degree of economic and social development, that is to say, the fear of having to change one’s lifestyle. The fall of New York’s Twin Towers on 9/11 is an example which can help us to understand the degree of importance which people place upon security. Why did this terrorist attack take place? Could it have been avoided? What went wrong? These questions are important to people and we must address them because no one could have imagined that such a disaster could occur in the most powerful and secure country on the planet. And it also helps us understand that there are many disciplines and theories about the nature and scope of security. It should not surprise us since it is an aspiration that affects all of the areas of human life. But this multidisciplinary treatment has transformed the concept of security into a polysemous and ambiguous term. This is precisely the reason why we need to establish what is meant by security.

Thus, security is understood as the feeling that people have when they are able to live in peace and harmony with other members of the social group, to which they belong, and enjoy the goods offered by the inhabited territory. It is a state of wellbeing that advances the achievement of the life project every human being wants to execute in order to give a true meaning to her or his life. In a negative sense it can be described as the absence or exclusion of any contingency, threat or danger that could destroy that sense of calmness and tranquillity. To do this end it is necessary to avoid all those factors that may generate uncertainty, uneasiness, fear or pain in people's daily life.

Anthropology is a knowledge that must inevitably address this topic insofar as it examines those issues related to people’s concerns and interests. Its contribution is important since it provides a vision of the human being that constitutes a solid basis for constructing a comprehensive security model. A robust and productive model consists of four key variables. Let us examine each one of them separately. 

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