Supporting Democracy in Southeast Asia

In May 2013, Ms. Anna Malindog was appointed District Manager and Local Lecturer - Manila, Philippines. The WMO is glad to welcome such a skilled person and takes to opportunity to outline her field of action. Further personal infomation and information on her direct support program maybe obtained by visiting the website of 'Peoples Partners for Development and Democracy.

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'Ms. Anna Malindog is an educator, human rights advocate, and network specialist, political science practioner and analyst, a radio local commentator on political and national issues, a trainer in various topics, a teacher and an academic in her own right. She has been working with international non-governmental organizations in the Asia Pacific Region for almost 15 years now. She was schooled and trained and is working on various and different issues like mediation and peace building, business and human rights, human rights, people’s diplomacy and advocacy, political science and international relations, peace and conflict, development, social and humanitarian issues. She studied Comparative International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Law at the International Human Rights Academy, The Netherlands Institute of Human Rights, Utrecht University, Netherlands. She also studied Business and Human Rights, International Law and Peoples Diplomacy at the Diplomacy Training Program, College of Law of New South Wales University in Sydney Australia, and she also studied East Asian Politics and Human Rights at Guwangju Human Rights Folkschool, May 18 Foundation, South Korea. Recently, she got accepted at the Summer Degree Program in Peace Building and Conflict Resolution at SIT Graduate Institute and World Learning in Vermont, USA.  

In terms of academic background, Ms. Malindog is into Political Science and International Relations with specialization in Philippine Government and Politics, Political Dynamics, European Studies, (European Union and Regional Integration), International Security and Southeast Asian Studies, Democracy and Federalism. She also had the chance attending conferences, lectures and delivered presentations in institutions like the UN, NATO, and EU institutions and universities in various parts of the globe. She did researches and wrote articles and some of them were published on issues related to the state of human rights and political situation in Burma, the issue of child soldiers, land rights, land confiscation and housing rights, ethnic issues, the role of civil society movement in the breakdown of authoritarian regime, development projects and their impacts on democratization, women in politics and governance, WTO and the Agreement on Agriculture, peace and conflict, regionalism and regionalization and international security i.e. nuclear proliferation in Burma context. Ms. Malindog taught at the University of the Philippines, and and currently she is teaching as a professor of political science, and development studies at the Political Science Department of De La Salle University Taft, a lecturer on European Studies at the European Studies Department of Ateneo De Manila University, and a professor as well lecturing on Gender Equality, Women's Studies and Human Rights at the Philippine Women's University. She will also be occupying the post of a Deputy Director of the Center for Gender Equality and People's Empowerment of Philippine Women's University in the very near future.'

Ms. Malindog is further part of the board of organizers of the 6 th Asia Pacific Mediation Summit 2013 in Manila where a catchy program will be presented in cooperation with the WMO.

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