WMO Symposium - Report Istanbul 2015

'On the 27th and 28th of February, I attended the "Sustainable Peace Sustainable Business" symposium in Istanbul, organized by The World Mediation Organization. The main target of the first day was to discuss the role of companies & NGO's for sustainable peace, and to bring out a manifest about our role "as mediators" for sustainable peace & business. Together with international experts, diplomatic leaders, and global negotiators we discussed current issues of international i
nterest and strategies that focus on sustainable solutions. Also, the symposium brought an awareness of the UN Global Compact. On the second day, Prof. Dr. Vibeke Vindelov, from Copenhagen University facilitated a Reflexive Mediation Training. The focus in this training was on how to achieve an actual change, starting from bringing changes within yourself and your lifestyle. These days have been a true inspiration, and it was a pleasure to meet so many dedicated professionals.‘ Rick Assen

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