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WMO (World Mediation Organization) – Istituto Sommeiller: project on “Junior Mediators” training, an international partnerships to introduce teenagers students to mediation life-approach and to its core principles.

WMO and Istituto Tecnico Commerciale “Germano Sommeiller” are proud to announce a common initiative. Istituto Tecnico Sommeiller is an ancient technical high school in Turin, Italy (www.sommeiller.it/). A former Italian Republic president  (Luigi Einaudi) was a member of Istituto Tecnico Sommeiller teachers team, meanwhile another one (Giuseppe Saragat) had been graduated here. The common initiative has two targets:

· to give wide and basic information on mediation to a large number of teenagers students;

· to introduce high qualified students to mediation life-approach and to its core principles.

Istituto Tecnico Sommeiller considers mediation as a fundamental educational skill for its students, useful in their future working life as a new approach to conflicts, allowing them to understand that to file a case in a court is not the only solution available. Moreover, the acquisition of negotiating abilities will give its students a competitive advantage in the job market. Last, but not the least, mediation will help the construction of a peaceful environment in the same school.

The project come to existence mainly thanks to the efforts of WMO local District Manager (Ph.D. Ermenegildo Mario Appiano), and of  Istituto Tecnico Sommeiller coordinator teacher (Prof. Cristina Armano). The project will become an integral part of Istituto Tecnico Sommeiller programs, starting from 2014/2015. The project is based on a three years students program. Each year is organized in two levels:

· a first basic level, open to all students, where we they will receive information  about negotiation and mediation;

· a second “higher” level, called Junior Mediatorstraining, open only to selected students, who will be teach deeply about mediation. To be admitted, students have to show a real interest to mediation and should have good results in their general school career. They will also be involved in the works during the first level lessons, where their schoolmates will attend. A final exam will check the results reached.

WMO considers “Junior Mediators” training as an integral part of its educational programs. Consequently, graduated students (i.e., who will pass the final evaluation) will pay only 50% for the WMO Online Course, and will not have to repeat the Mediation Chapter.

The “Junior mediators” training will be organized in two steps:

· the basic training activities includes understanding conflict, responses to conflict, sources of conflict communication skills, the role of the mediator, and the mediation process.

· the advanced training includes bias awareness, social/cultural diversity, advanced communication, uncovering hidden interests, dealing with anger, caucusing.

A new future begins from school! By: Ermenegildo Mario Appiano, PhD 

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