Action against societal violence - KAFA

The WMO welcomes the initiated cooperation with Ms Lina Ghazi and her organization: KAFA. Specially in the sector of violence prevention and resotrative justice, the WMC will start spreading accurate educational programs in order to reach potential target groups directly via the local network and mothertongue of Ms Ghazi. We are grateful for the local assistance and therefore would like to present KAFA in full ...

Action on Societal Violence- KAFA was established as a nonprofit company in 2012 in response to increasing tendencies towards violence in Jordan. More and more we are witnessing incidents of clashes among civilians, sometimes in schools and universities, often using small arms and light weapons and resulting in injuries and fatalities. Celebratory fire is also yet another issue which claimed 22 injuries in one single night in 2012. Violence against children and women still occur. On the short run, violence infringes on human rights, affects social cohesion and livelihoods and obstructs the educational process when they occur in universities and schools. On the long run, it will hamper development and will also put a stress on the oftentimes already meager economic, touristic and public health sectors.

Learn about the social programs, visions, and missions by reading the complete outlook for 2013!

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