Mediation Orientation for Australia and the Philippines

Ms Josephine Reyes, MBA (District Manager) shares her strategy and underlines the need for Mediation Orientation for Australia and the Philippines:


“I have a vision and a mission!”  In the pursuit and fruition of this mission, I understand that some of the learned values, morals, theories, ethical principles and personal life experiences will bring into play my role as DM for the regions and Territories I have accepted.   My vision that Oceania, Pacific and Asian regions will achieve the same level of ADR practices and understanding and acceptance by the general public to be part of their culture, society and immediate environment.  What I mean by this is that Mediation, conflict resolution, conflict management and peace keeping skills be an integral part of each and every individual in our society today. One can only take small steps towards achieving this goal.  And I intend to do this exactly within my reach, right before my doorstep, right before my part of the hemisphere.

My intention is to start from the learned members of the society who has experienced work life, their families grown and experiencing the battles and conflicts of daily life and within their society. They now have the time and resources to embark on a new learning experience that will assist them to give back to their own family circle, their own circle of community members, or Dispute Resolution avenues and encouragement on their part to promote these practices in the very ingrained judicial system that is still very much traditional in most of my region.

I also intend to encourage students in their early years of study to start learning that there is indeed an alternative form for conflict resolution and conflict management. This would even address issues from the grassroots level. I will seek local educators to allow me to do presentations in their schools so that I can introduce Mediation Orientation with the goal of gaining interests in their parents or other family members or themselves enrolling for Mediation courses.

Organizations and institutions are also avenues of promoting Mediation courses and I am a strong believer and practitioner of proactive approach and delivery of the Services and Intellectual properties of  the World Mediation Organization.

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