Regional Representative - Accra, Ghana

WMO is glad to announce the new appointment of Ms. Ayo Amale, LL.M. as Regional Representative - Accra, Ghana. Ms. Amale is a highly active peace activist with a challenging professional vision. We wish her all the best.

'The objectives of WMO (Nigeria & Ghana) District office, is to be the foremost provider of training and consultancy in Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management, Conflict Resolution Systems and Professional Training. We will help promote professional management practices for increased growth, profits and progress.  To assist in resolving chronic conflicts between co-workers.  The financial cost of unresolved workplace conflict is huge, and is easily demonstrated. The counterproductive conflict management strategies currently imbedded in organizations' culture. WMO, will be the premier provider of workplace mediation training , will offer training for corporate and government agency professionals who are responsible for effective resolution of workplace disputes and prevention of litigation. 


Our vision is to be the centre of expertise on managing workplace conflict, professional mediation training and related training in Nigeria and Ghana, and to maintain quality standards for mediators and mediation services. We will actively network and collaborate with other WMO district offices and support the work of the WMO headquarters in Berlin and be actively involved in its activities. To develop the art, science and practice of conflict resolution. 'The social-economic problems of today call for a renewed spirit of co-operation at the workplace. Skills of managers and workers need to be sharpened to ensure efficiency in the use of scarce resources. Globalization has brought in its wake competition, rapid technological changes, new opportunities and challenges that have an impact on business in the management of labour relations.  Both Labour and Management recognize that new approaches are needed to deal with these effects of globalization. It is only with these new approaches that there can be a change in the work environment in which enhanced productivity, job satisfaction, job security, and open communication would be some of its essential features. Unless there is a change in behaviour, the workplace would continue to be plagued by negative tendencies, such as reliance on power coercion and insistence on rights which are the features of the traditional, adversarial way of doing business.  WMO (Ghana) District offices has a number of courses and seminars aimed at imparting knowledge, skills and attitudes that will effect a change in the work environment.


To provide a fully accessible, independent, impartial, confidential mediation service to clients. To train and develop the human capital and local residents to gain the skills required to mediate and empower the people to communicate and resolve their differences in a peaceful manner. To raise awareness of mediation within the local community through training, publicity and awareness. To strengthen and expand mediation and diversify the service into new areas.'

Prepared by: Ayo Ayoola-Amale,esq.

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