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The WMO is glad to welcome Mr. Ermenegildo Mario APPIANO, an experienced mediator, co-founder of two mediator training institutes in Italy, lawyer admitted to plead in front of Italian Supreme Court, Ph.D. in European Law, author of several books and articles on mediation, and appointed District Manager and Local Lecturer in Turin, Italy.

Due to his comprehensive knowledge and skills, we were highly interested to know more about his professional vision and values, as well as his motivation to become a representative of the WMO.

"A new human society is now emerging in the world, more and more complex and interconnected, based on communication and sharing. In this extraordinary and revolutionary context, recognition and mutual understanding are essential for any type of relationship: on this basis, it becomes possible to prevent conflicts or, when they arise, address them and solve them properly. Every interpersonal relationship - familial, economic, social, political, ... - must now be designed with a systemic perspective: it implies that each human conflict is able to affect the lives of the people involved and their surrounding environment, exercising implications far superior to the ones that seem the misleading terms of the specific tight affair. It’s time that we mind to what all we are really interested in: stop using the archaic concept of "winners and losers", the deficiency of which is shown by our destructive secular history.

It is my mission to help people to design and build personal and economic relationships adequately to new modes of this millennium, in order to grasp  opportunities. I try to facilitate mutual understanding of individuals participating in a negotiation, both for the conclusion of a new contract, both for the settlement of a dispute. Further to assist in negotiations, so that customers have not only an indispensable technical or legal  advice, but they are also able to interact in a constructive way. It is a professional task to try to deal with any conflict in a systemic way, so that parties identify the optimal solution, and that is what really interests them. Therefore, I mediate civil and commercial disputes with this approach, in order to give parties the opportunity to overcome the sterile positions (usually false) principle and negotiation position, so as to resolve disputes consensually in a helpful and effective. For teaching and divulgating mediation, as mentioned above, the WMC forms a perfect platform unifying the highest standard of quality and perfect transparency in all types of action. Together, we will promote a new culture, based on the integration of peace supporting listening and communicating, and not the vulgar deceit of the victory at the expense of everything.

Professionally and in a private sector, I mediate and negotiate in all circumstances. I deem Mediation as a source of real opportunity for the parties involved in a dispute, considering it as the best instrument for the settlement of the dispute. In order to excecute such issue, I promote listening, as well as frank and thorough discussion as a matching way to solve any conflict, whenever this is feasible."

Thank you for sharing your point of view with us. Please find more information regarding the effectiveness of communication skills for mediators here!

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