United Nations Based Employment

The World Mediation Organization (WMO) - formerly known as World-Mediation-Centre -  is one of the few organizations / networks in the field of Mediation and Conflict Resolution, that lead students on their educational path to professional activities within the framework of the United Nations. Such a progress takes place by realizing the WMO-Certificate Course, and joining afterwards additional courses of cooperating institutes, such as the Peace Operations Training Institute (POTI), and Euclid University. 

Graduates from the WMO-Certificate Course are qualified to book further trainings offered by the POTI. These trainings are specially designed for corresponding effectiveness in the field and enable students to work in International Peace Missions. POTI trainings provide a wide range of knowledge regarding UN activities in theory and practice. POTI is one of the leading providers of peace supporting educational programs. Up to now, more the 680.000 students enrolled. After receiving the WMC and POTI Certificate, graduates may receive an accreditation of up to 22 credit hours may by starting a degree program at the American Militay University.

WMO-Graduates who wish to achieve a Master‘s and / or Doctorate's Degree may contact Euclid University. Hereby, the realized WMO-Certificate Course will be evaluated and recognized as Foundation Course. Euclid University is one of five UN-Recognized international universities listed by the International Association of Universities (IAU) as well as the World Higher Educational Database (WHED).

Due to this cumclumerate of educational authorities and students opportunities, the WMO is glad to recommend the UN Inspira - Human Resources Gateway. Please learn more about the WMO-Certificate Course and don't ask for scholarships here …

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