WMO in the heart of the European Union

Ms. Maria Masullo, M.A. - District Manager - Brussels and Luxembourg - now represent the World Mediation Organization (WMO) - formerly known as World-Mediation-Centre - in the heart of European Union. Ms. Masullo is an outstanding academic professional with a wide range of expertise in international and diplomatic service.

In the last 5 years Maria Masullo has covered different positions and worked for many International organizations (GiZ, Caritas, Quakers of Britain, etc) working on themes related to International Development and Conflict Management. Miss Masullo is an Alumna of the Rotary Peace Fellowship at the Rotary Peace Center of the University of Bradford (UK), where she attended and completed a MA in Conflict Resolution, focusing her research on the European Foreign and Security Policy and more specifically, on the EU policies in conflict management. As a result of that, she wrote her final MA dissertation on the impact and effectiveness of the European Integration Policies, and particularly the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP), on the resolution of border conflicts.

She managed a number of projects and designed and conducted training programs for international organizations and non-governmental organizations in numerous countries in Africa, Europe and Asia on subjects related to human rights, mediation and conflict resolution. She is currently working as a Consultant on themes related to Conflict Management and Mediation for numerous NGOs and International Organizations.

Asking her about the corresponding vision, she stated:

"My work and career in the sector of Conflict Management and Mediation is founded on the core belief that, as the American Human Rights Activist Dorothy Thomas stated, “Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it”. As a consequence of that, I believe that there is a wide array of solutions to all violent conflicts, irrespective of complexity or scale. And the mission of a Peacemaker like me is to transform how people deal with conflict, searching for cooperative solutions through the arts of negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution.

Thus, I share the World Mediation Centre’s vision to enable leaders in the Peace and Security sector to positively confront violent conflict through:

-       Providing face-to-face and long-distance academic training programs in the Mediation and Conflict Resolution;

-       Advising and assisting institutions and organization in their efforts to contribute to world understanding and peace;

-       Increasing public awareness of WDM’s commitment in promoting peace and cooperation among peoples;

-       Building a global and lasting network of peers and experts in Mediation that will open a wide range of options for future collaboration and working opportunities.“

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