Cooperation with the leading Peace Center in Peru

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The International Peace Studies Center of Peru (IPSCP), was born with the need to meet the challenges of the construction of a society based on respect for the human rights of each individual and the attention of their needs to live in harmony, solidarity and justice. For this purpose strategic partnerships with international organizations such as World Mediation Organization, Canada Pearson Centre, Center for Conflict Dynamics at Eckerd College, etc. were established. Leading in  crisis management and conflict resolution on that end, our staff benefits from both, national and international experience in all these aspects.

VISION: Be the Latin American leading centre in capacity-building and consulting services on analysis, conflict resolution and crisis management, reflecting the highest standards advocated by the  world leading organizations in training and conflict management.

MISION: To provide training, consultancy and management in conflict resolution and crisis management, from the perspective of UN Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding, reflecting the highest standards advocated by the United Nations, as well as the world leading centers on training and conflict management for the sake of the well-being of the affected population.

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