WMO represented in South Africa

The WMO is glad to announce the appointment or Mr. Akin Akiboye, Ph.D.c. as District Manager - Johannesburg. Please review his welcome statement:

"Having managed the delivery of complex political issues and gender affairs, within international community, post-conflict reconstruction, gender and politics, humanitarian affairs, stabilization projects, children and vulnerable women and, rural development, governance and policy, to the United Nations Development Program in developing regions and elsewhere confirm my expertise in the area.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to assist the changes in culture and processes required for International Civil Servants and Community to meet their targets and look forward to playing a pivotal role in raising the reputation and credibility of the Government Institutions and its Agencies including NGOs.

I believe I can bring a fresh perspective to the roles contribution to sustainable development, team leadership/business partnership’s objective, based on strategic aims and the ability to translate policy into actual implementation while meeting the needs of a variety of stakeholders.

 I am confident, considering my track record in developing strategy, directing project teams, monitoring progress against plans and achieving objectives, will lead to improved co-operation and joint working with partnering organizations.

I have direct experience of the UN and national conflict prevention, processes and operational procedures. I have a general awareness, skills and experience on government services and policies within international and national/stakeholders setting.

I have extensive practical experience of social issues, external relations, rehabilitation and resettlement, commercial, development and management gained during my early career as national and international civil servant and academic researcher and being a specialist on management of public intensive policy projects.

Also, due to my various academic experiences and skills, I profoundly believe that I have the potentiality to deliver; based on the above track records with a strong practical experience in human resources, other social sciences commitments, and achievements, gives me the opportunity to profoundly contribute to WMO’s activities in my area and beyond.“ 

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