Conceptual Information

The World Mediation Organization offers a series of global symposia on the interdisciplinary topic of Mediation & Conflict Management. In order to cover a broad range of interests, each symposium focusses on an individual and unique theme. WMO symposia provide attendees with comprehensive knowledge in an attractive time frame of 4 days. Participants receive the the WMO Certificate of Attendance, stating both: the general topic of 'Interdisciplinary / Applied Mediation' and further highlighting the individual topic of the specific event. Due to the interactive concept of the symposia, lectures, presentations, and practical exercises go hand-in-hand.

1. Topic and purpose:

Each symposium deals with a specific topic. While all of them will focus on interdisciplinary mediation, global disparities, and  current conflict of international interest. See the list of topics related to the venues here ...

2. Interactive Concept:

The symposia include trainings, lecturing sections, and networking possibilities. Interactivity is a key point of all events.

3. Target Group:

Mediators, trainers, and assessors who pursue the excellence in mediation. HR managers, psychologists, counselors, employee assistance program specialists, issues managers, change management consultants, trainers, nurses, administrators, social workers, law enforcement agencies, and teachers who provide mediation service and who look for an optimization of their professional skills.

4. Local Availability:

Please review the list of WMO Symposia right here ...

5. Registration

The World Mediation Organization kindly asks you to completely fill out, sign and send in the corresponding registration form together with the payment confirmation. Please note, that your enrolment procedure is only completed by receiving the signed application form, the payment confirmation, and the listed course fee. Please state on the application form  the venue and date of the symposium that you are signing up for. Realize payment by PayPal, Western Union or Money Gram. Registration Form right here ...

6. Schedule / Syllabus:

The board of WMO Advisors creates one specific topic for each symposium. The individual schedule includes correspondingly the most interesting contribution of knowledge as possible. The content adopts local interests and initiates global exchange of knowledge. Hereby, each symposium receives a unique and individual list of topics. Each presentation or lecture contains a break of 15 minutes. Both, presentations and lectures, are of an interactive character. Find individual information by reviewing the list of topics and locations here ...

7. Price Structure / Tuition Fees:

The registration fee varies depending on the area were the symposia will be offered, see ...

8. Recognition and certifying partners:

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